Dip the Hip

When a baby’s head is lodged into the pelvis facing the mother’s left hip, labor can be more painful and longer. This assisted maneuver can help rotate the baby’s head to facing in a more optimal position.
Watch, practice and shave time off labor!

Forward leaning inversion

Create room in the lower uterus. Baby will use that space, with the natural pull of gravity, to snuggle into a more ideal position for birth.

Try this position for 3 breaths once a day.

Kneel on the edge of a couch (or the top of the stairs). Kneel high to see what it feels like in your body.

  1. Hold the edge of the couch, bed, or other surface you are kneeling on.

  2. Carefully lower yourself to your hands on the floor and then lower yourself more to rest on your forearms. Elbows out, hands close. Use a stool or step, if you like, to help you walk your hands down.

  3. Let your head hang freely. Your chin is tucked. Don’t rest your head on the floor. Your neck may need a little movement. Straighten your shoulders to make room for your head.

  4. Your knees are close to the edge, your bottom is highest. You can tilt or sway your hips if you like, or gently, slowly undulate your spine.

  5. You can flatten your lower back (posterior pelvic tilt) to give more room for the top of your pelvis.

  6. Take 3 breaths. Belly loose, shoulders strong. Chin tucked and neck long.

  7. Come back up on your hands, then lift yourself up to a high kneeling position again (see picture), using a stool, block or help from your helper. Take two breaths here. Then sit on your heels.

  8. Swing your feet out from under you together. Feet together, moving like a mermaid to prevent a pull on your symphysis pubis (pubic bone). You will protect your pelvic stability this way.

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Anissa’s birth story

Annissa and her husband had their first baby by cesarean section. This time they chose a hospital based Certified Nurse Midwife. Her experience is much different this time as she allows her body to achieve Vaginal Birth After Cesarean.