Sit Right

The way we usually sit is with our pelvis rolled back, sacrum tucked under. This welcomes our baby to roll with their back facing our back, often increasing the time we must labor.

Use these simple hints to remind yourself to sit right! With the pelvis rolled toward the front, sit on your Sit-Bones, and allow your sacrum to rest freely.

This positioning helps to alleviate pelvic discomfort and round ligament pain.

Flashlight Game

Notice how you are sitting right now. Imagine that you have a tiny flashlight bulb in the center of your navel. Where would the beam of the light be shining? Upwards? Toward the opposite wall? Toward the floor?

Use this guide to help make sure that the way you are sitting most of the time promotes baby’s optimal position for birth.

Side Lying

Whether it’s for a nap or you’re settling in for the night, getting comfortable probably requires LOTS of pillows!

This short clip shows you ways to feel the most restful on either side.

Left Lean Over/Pretzel Position

Using your baby as a hammock uses gravity and the baby’s movement to encourage baby to move into the optimal position for birth.

You can use this during pregnancy, early labor or when there seems to be a lull in labor progress.

Forward Leaning Inversion

The round ligaments that support your uterus will sometimes remain short and tight, limiting the movement of baby’s head from rotating and tucking into the pelvis with ease. Practicing this movement once or twice a day promotes lengthening and softening of the round ligaments.

As you go into the stretch, prepare to take 3 slow, deep breaths and then bring yourself back into an upright position.

Having your partner or a helper nearby for a hand can increase your confidence.

Prenatal Yoga Flow Sequence

Practice this sequence one to three times weekly to bring balance to your birthing body!

Use earbuds or headphones. Get into a restful position, and listen to this every day for at least 30 days prior to your birth.