Newborn Characteristics

Babies don’t come with instruction manuals. They also don’t come out looking like The Gerber Baby! You might think something is wrong if you didn’t watch this short video on what to expect in those first moments, hours, and early days.

Amazing Talents of the Newborn

Learn about your newborn’s innate abilities and help to broaden your understanding of their developmental needs.
This is a much older video, however, we are the same newborns we always have been. Enjoy the sweetness of the interaction of these babies with their parents in the early days of life.

Follow along with your baby as you practice this 8 minute massage technique.

Inspired by Teresa Kirkpatrick Ramsey, this simple newborn massage routine helps babies gain weight faster by promoting digestion, restful sleep and makes new parents feel good about how they can truly be helpful!

Fussy baby soothing techniques

Babies cry to communicate, not manipulate! A tiny newborn is adjusting to the vast inconsistencies of in utero life and now life on land! From 98 degrees to room temperature, from wet to dry, from zero gravity to WHOA! Being a first time parent can be pretty overwhelming too. Learning to turn on your baby’s calming reflex is a game changer. Follow along as you will learn how and why this works. Grab a teddy bear, soft bodied baby doll and a square blanket (the large muslin blankets are ideal!) and get to practicing these 5 techniques.