The following videos are helpful for your first few days and weeks of breastfeeding. Enjoy!

In your private class there is not time for additional viewing of videos that complement our course outline. Please enjoy the following. Make note of any questions that come up for discussion in our one-on-one time together.

The Magical Hour Following Birth

Newborns go through nine distinct phases of awakening following their birth. In observing newborns in a variety of birthing scenarios, whether natural vaginal spontaneous birth, or birth with forceps or vacuum, or cesarean birth, each baby went through these stages. At any point, if they were removed from their mother’s chest before the stages had been completed and then replaced, they would begin at the very first phase (crying) and follow the stages through suckling and sleep. Please be aware that your baby NEEDS this very important adjustment period following birth.

Successful Breastfeeding

Early hunger cues, signs baby is getting enough milk, comfortable breastfeeding positions. How to express milk and keep baby awake at the breast by using your hands.

Tandem nursing twins

The logistics of nursing two babies at the same time can be hard. Here's how one mom did it. She pretty much followed this system up until about eight months, at which point the babies had gotten so quick it was just as easy to do each of them separately. They successfully breastfed up to 13 months.

Preparing to breastfeed twins and triplets

Follow along with several families as they work to breastfeed and breastmilk feed their multiples. It’s hard work but they make it a priority. Learn from their pitfalls and victories. Also, enjoy the cute BABIES!!!


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