Dear New Doula :

I want to welcome you to the beginning stages of your Doula Training!!!

If you are attending a live training, feel free to bring something to write with or your tablet or laptop; dress comfortably and you may wish to bring a sweater in case you are too cool in the temperatures set for pregnant ladies.
If you're attending through our Zoom classroom, get comfy! Although we'll be talking and sharing live, you can be relaxed and in your own space!

BEFORE your workshops:

List all books you are currently reading or have read to support your doula career.


Giving Birth with Confidence - Judy Lothian
The Birth Partner: Revised 4th Edition: A Complete Guide to Childbirth for Dads, Doulas & All Other Labor Companions – Penny Simkin
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding - Diane Wiessinger

Additional Recommended reading includes: 

  • Birthing From Within – Pam England

  • The Doula Book: How a Trained Labor Companion Can Help You Have a Shorter, Easier and Healthier Birth

  • Spiritual Midwifery and Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – Ina May Gaskin

  • Mind Over Labor – Karl Jones

  • The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth – Henci Goer

  • Childbirth and the Future of Homosapiens – Michel Odent

  • The New Pregnancy & Childbirth: Choices and Challenges – Sheila Kitzinger

  • Optimal Care in Childbirth: The Case for a Physiologic Approach – Henci Goer

  • Mothering the New Mother: Placksin

  • Touchpoints: Brazelton

  • Nurturing The Family: The Guide For Postpartum Doulas: Kelleher 

  • Nurturing Beginnings: Pascali-Bonaro

  • Dr. Jack Newman’s Guide to Breastfeeding – Jack Newman

  • The Nursing Mother’s Companion – Kathleen Huggins

  • Attachment Parenting Book: A Commonsense Guide to Understanding & Nurturing Your Baby – William & Martha Sears

  • The Baby Book, Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two – William & Martha Sears
    Choose 2 about birth, 2 about postpartum/breastfeeding, 2 about baby care.

Attend Labor in a Day OR Lamaze Parts 1 & 2 (this is usually on Saturday for the Fast Track series). This prepares you for some of the more elementary things about pregnancy & birth. Register yourself and let the registrar know that you are attending doula training. You will be sent a “zero balance” invoice. 


If you are taking the 1-on-1 training, this is our usual software to be online, screenshare and watch video together. It enables all students to share screens with your instructor for help or for class homework chats. Please install it and practice using the chat, video and audio features. Mobile phone or Desktop versions available.

Take some time to browse our website. 

Our classes offer a weeknight OR weekend format in Portland. 
Other formats include:

Pre-recorded Online
Private classes

Sharing our classes supports A Healthy Birth™ organization as well as Lamaze International, so show some "Team Spirit" and use your social media, our advertising material and your voice to bring new students and expectant parents into the program. 

Encourage your clients to register for the ones that works best for their schedule. You’ll be familiar with the material that your clients will be taught because you’ll be attending some live classes during our days together. Some of our doulas have later gone on to become Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators.


Our website gives everyone easy access to view all public Events.


Birth & Postpartum Services page gives specific details on our levels of service, information and availability for a client to register for Antepartum, Birth, Postpartum Doulas, Breastfeeding Counseling.



Arrive on time (either in person or online), especially on Day #1. It may take us a few minutes to get our bearings. 

You’re encouraged to take good care of yourself throughout class time. Bring food & drink (but clean up after yourself) Use the restroom when you need to, although we will work hard to work in official breaks too. Get up and move around if you need to, but show respect for your classmates.


For calendared group events: Dates have been posted on the Events calendar for this workshop.. You should have now made arrangements to be present for all modules, dates & times. Be on time and settled before start time to show respect for your classmates and instructor. If you miss part of your class information you may feel less equipped. This is your training. Prepare well. 

If you are sick, please alert Brenda, but do not attend if you are registered for an in person training. Doulas must be in good health in order to serve our clients, so it’s a good time to begin learning holistic and healthy lifestyles that promote a good immune system. If you miss due to illness, arrangements can be made to make up 1 module. If you miss more than 1, a fee will be assessed for the additional classroom time required for the makeups.

For doulas taking the 1-on-1 training, you will be responsible for coordinating calendars and times with Brenda for your next module. All homework must have been turned in, accepted and documented fully on your file maintenance and the next course fee must be paid in full prior to scheduling your module session. Online module sessions begin and end on time, so if you are late, you will be missing part of your learning experience.


Module class time is precious. If you need to discuss a personal issue with training, or your calendar or any other matter unrelated to the module at hand, please schedule a phone call, personal meeting, Google Hangout or Zoom session with me outside of scheduled class times. It’s easy for things to get derailed right before the day begins. Again, be mindful of the needs of your classmates and your trainer – it takes a lot of concentration to offer effective workshops.

Feel free to ask lots of questions or contribute during class time. Please be attentive to our need to cover as much material as possible during our sessions. Take notes, participate and ask your questions; this training is for YOU – help make it lively!

You are always welcome to text, call or email  me. Since I  must handle incoming requests from many doulas and their clients, especially during a training, I can get bogged down for hours or days. If you do not get a timely response, please feel free to reach out again.

If you have an action item request, it’s best to send the request in Email format – tag it “Action Item” and I’ll run a search each week to make sure I’ve been able to give it appropriate attention for you.

My phone number is 817-673-6852. My email is

Please do NOT call or text for anything other than Client immediate needs or emergencies after 8pm or before 7am.

Google Drive

Install Google Drive on your computer.

If you do not have a gmail address, we HIGHLY recommend that you do that now.  It works very well with Google Docs (for your homework) & Google Drive. This is a cloud file storage system with folders, documents, forms, spreadsheets, presentations & drawings. Download it on your computer and on your phone.

Your Files


I will be sending your Doula in Training File Cabinet, a folder which helps you keep all your materials for certification in one place. In it, you may keep all of your:

Online Doula in Training File Maintenance
Birth Doula Evaluations for Certification
Postpartum Evaluations for Certification
Healthy Birth Doula Documentation
Request for Certification

TITLE all files to include your first & last name for easy locating.

I will be sending you your Online Doula in Training File Maintenance. This is your responsibility to maintain. Add your attendance and note the date you submit each homework for evaluation. SHARE this file with Brenda and a faculty member will access your file and approve it PRIOR to your next module.

All homework must be submitted for graduation

Your homework will be reviewed by faculty. If anything requires your attention there will be a note posted on your file.The TITLE of each of your files must include your first and last name, module # (the numeral, not the word) and the word homework. Please use this as an example: Brenda Kirkpatrick Module 1 Homework

View homework format example in Google Drive

Google doc Homework Module 1 example.png

Share your file

Use “Share” button to share with and we will reply that your paper is being reviewed.

Need help?

Text and email to arrange a 15” screen sharing session to help you get things figured out.

We’re holding a space just for you!

We’re holding a space just for you!