#3 FWWeekEND Breastfeeding


#3 FWWeekEND Breastfeeding


Successful Breastfeeding for the Family

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This class is all about You & Your SuperPower - you make milk!

The Magical Hour of Skin to Skin
  Positions/Comfortable Latching- practice, practice, practice!
Beating breast feeding myths
  Ditch the clock - Watch your baby
Maximize supply & sleep
  How to hang out with groovy people like YOU!
Baby Wearing is for everyone!
  What you can do TODAY to ensure success in all your tomorrows!
Homecoming - Dads Nurse too!
  Pumping & storing your liquid gold
Problem solving and dealing with well-meaning busy bodies :-)
Breathing & Relaxation

This class is Part 4 of our Five part Lamaze Series. 
 $80 for session or $350 for the complete five part series *** Registration Required