I could not be more pleased with the Lamaze Healthy Birth Classes my husband and I took as well as the support we’ve received through our doula.
Brenda, who teaches the birth classes is outstanding and enthusiastic.
She is knowledgeable and presents information in a judgement-free/fact-based manner, enabling attendees to make choices about their birth experiences that best suit their needs.
Our time with Healthy Birth Class has taken us from feeling nervous about our birth experience to feeling prepared and well supported. I can’t recommend their services enough!
— Abigail
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Previews of your Comfort Measures Class

Lamaze Part 4:
Natural Comfort Measures for Labor and Birth
$80/couple(also available online)

A full 3-hour, hands on demonstration of ways to help you be an active participant in your birth. 

BREATHE and birth through pain. It takes practice!

You will learn positive internal practices to help you prepare mentally for birth, positions that help birth be more effective and less painful; your partner will learn massage techniques, pressure techniques, how and when to use cold, heat, water, FOOD and drink to keep your marathon of birth progressing normally. 

These techniques are helpful whether or not you plan on using pain medications, or no matter if you’re at home or in the hospital.